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90 days to take control of your numbers, create a financial plan, confidently price your services and master your sales strategy so you can make more money.


Afraid to view your bank account balance?

You're flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to money and the numbers make you CRINGE.  You're working hard and seem to be making *some* money, but have no idea where in the world that money is going (expenses, profit, whaaat?)

You're hustling hard with little profits to show for it.
You lack confidence in your pricing.
You're spending too much and making too little.

You know you need to take control of your finances, but money's got control over you.


Now there's a solution:

Learn how to take control of your numbers so you can make more money and work toward your biggest dreams.

Purposeful Profit
90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program

Create purposeful short term and long term income goals

Take control of your finances by creating a financial plan

Review your current numbers

Accountability of expenditures during our 90 day program

Learn how to track your numbers to avoid problems in the future

Get the confidence and know-how to price your services strategically

Learn the art of sales strategy and how you can make more sales

I put my 3 years of small business experience into a 1:1 program so that you don't have to make the mistakes I did.

I started doing the maths, implemented new strategies into my business and 5x my revenue. 

Let me tell you part of my story.

I used to be you.

I started a business with the goal of making a full-time income working from home, doing what I love.

Isn't that the dream?

...until after a year of hustling hard, and blood, sweat & tears (literally) I did my taxes and found I made a (not so) whopping $12k.

I knew something had to change.

So I learned how to love the data. I know, that's usually such a dirty word for creatives. But here's the thing...,

Now, I have over doubled my client base, tripled my average client spend and make 5x more profit than I did just two short years ago.

You've got your craft (aka photography, floristry, service or *insert your skill here*) down to a fine art, but you lack the business know-how to actually make money.

Your business looks GREAT on the outside, but behind the scenes, your business is one hot mess and you've had thoughts of "I could make more money at *insert desk job/retail job/hospitality job you used to work at and despised*

I've seen it happen time and time again...

I don't want you to be a part of that statistic.


You start a business, you hustle hard, your bank account isn't levelling up to your efforts, and... you quit.

Running a successful business is more than being good at your craft - it's about being a stand-out business owner

Hustling hard without making money is only going to lead to burnout and despising the business you created

The longer you ignore your numbers, the more money you are throwing out the window

If you don't get serious about your numbers you'll become one of the 60% who fail within the first three years

Why you can no longer afford to ignore the business side of your creative business...

This is the framework to feel confident with your numbers and make more money doing what you love.

i want in!

After listening to her business wisdom I always find such clarity and tangible actions for me to take in order to move my business forward. If someone was thinking of hiring Sarah I’d tell them GO FOR IT - she’s worth every penny!


Sarah made me feel like I was talking to a close friend about my business. She helped me to change my mindset and approach, and her recommendations were clear. She offered great insight into my business to help me take it to the next level.


With the tips and guidance from Sarah I have improved my vision and cleaned up my brand. I'm working on implementing more of the business marketing and managing strategies that we talked about and I am already seeing growth.


The Purposeful Profit Coaching Program has been designed for creative service-based entrepreneurs (florists, photographers, designers etc) who are ready to start taking their business seriously when it comes to the numbers.  From wondering how the bills will be paid, will there be enough for taxes, and how am I going to pay myself, we will dive deep into the numbers, create a financial plan and uncover strategies to help you make more money.

I believe there is freedom in having control over your finances.

it's time to commit to being an intentional business owner.


We will jump on a free 30 minute discovery call before you sign up

You will create a Google doc/drive that can be shared with me where all files you would like to share can be easily stored. You'll send me various records to review such as your current pricing guide, financial records (bank statements, spreadsheets, bookkeeping reports, anything you have!). This is also where I will upload any resources or templates I think you'll find useful.

We'll get connected on Voxer where I will regularly check in, in between coaching calls. You'll know that I am only a message away! I like to respond with 24 business hours (excluding weekends)

The Preparation


Call 1/6: This is where we dive deep into the data to understand the financial health of your business. It can feel a little scary, but it so freeing when we can take an honest look at the numbers and create a plan to move forward! 

Call 2/6: After we have done a review of your finances, I'll help you to create specific financial goals that are realistic but will also challenge you. We will also finalise your financial plan, based on your personal goals. 

Financial Review & Plan


Call 3/6: This is where the fun really begins! We’ll review your current offerings (services or products) and look at how to improve your offerings in order to stand out from the rest.

Call 4/6: We'll also a profit-focussed pricing structure that reflects where your business is currently at and where it is headed. This means we will create stages of pricing so that you can plan for future potential price increases!

phase/month 2

Offerings & Pricing

Call 5/6: You can’t make money if the sales strategy isn’t strong. We’ll spend some time discussing your sales strategy to ensure your leads are converting and you can actually make money! We'll do some mindset work around selling, and I'll teach different strategies you can implement moving forward.

Call 6/6: I like to leave one call at the end where there is no planned curriculum. This creates space in the program for us to revisit any particular areas of need, and you have the opportunity to ask any specific questions relating to financial management, pricing and sales strategy.

phase/month 3

Sales Strategy

It's time to leave the nest!


Our Voxer Coaching discontinues (although I always love when clients send me their big wins even after our program!)

You'll receive a BONUS 30 minute call to be used within 3 months upon the completion of our program where we can debrief on your progress

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Here's the low-down of the Purposeful Profit Coaching Program

Feel confident with your numbers & make more money doing what you love.

6x 60 minute video calls via Zoom where we will go through my signature program curriculum that will be fully customised based on your unique situation and goals

Recorded sessions via Zoom (so you don't have to worry about forgetting a thing!)

Monthly detailed custom action plan - I provide you with action items after each session so you're never feeling left wondering what to do next (I get it, coaching calls can be content overload!)

I will provide you with the trainings, webinars, worksheets, workbooks, templates, and tutorials that I feel you need throughout the duration of the program.

Private Voxer support. You'll have access to me through my private messaging service for those quick questions that can't wait until our next session! I guarantee a response within 24 business hours.

So, let's talk details.

Not from Australia?

Don't forget the currency conversion! (the investment works out lower if you're in the u.s or u.k!)


$3497 (AUD)
(OR $1197/MONTH)

Ready to make more money?

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Questions & Answers


My background in the wedding industry so naturally I help many wedding professionals and floral designers. Many strategies can be applied to multiple creative businesses. If you're a photographer, maker, designer or other creative service provider feel free to reach out and I'll be honest about whether I think we are the right fit.

which program should i sign up to?

If both programs sound amazing to you and you are on the fence, I'd suggest we jump on a discovery call so I can learn more about your circumstances and goals. Generally speaking, Create & Elevate is the better program to start in. Purposeful Profit is designed for the 'next stage' of business ownership. Many clients choose to go through Create & Elevate first, and then decide to sign up to Purposeful Profit afterwards.

One thing I regret not doing in my first year of business, was investing in my own development and education. Sure, you can build your business off freebies and Podcasts, but it takes a whole lot longer to get from A to B when you're sifting through all of the conflicting information out there. There is something powerful in investing intentionally in yourself and having 1:1 support as you navigate the early seasons and create a game plan for your business. A 60 minute strategy session might be all you need, and you can choose to extend our time together to a coaching program afterwards if you think it will be of value to you and your business.

do you provide refunds?

No, I don't provide refunds. 1:1 coaching requires a lot of time, energy and commitment. I believe that if you come into an experience feeling skeptical and negative, then you aren't going to get what you need. However, if you show up with humility and a willingness to learn and apply the strategies we discuss together, the results will come. 

do you provide payment plans?

I understand any kind of investment can be a big decision. During our initial call we'll discuss your situation and I'll do my best to set up a plan that suits your requirements. There is more administration involved in tracking monthly transactions so generally a small extra fee will be spread across the various payments.

how do i know we are the right fit?

Ensuring we are the right fit is just as important to me as it is to you. I have an application process so that I can determine whether I can help you. If you've been scrolling through my website or social media and resonate with my story and personality, I would love to chat. I offer free 30 minute discovery calls for anyone interested in my 90 day coaching programs, so that we can get to know one another. This is a no-obligation call, so if you decide after our call that you don't think we are the best fit, no worries! We can still be friends. :)

do you recommend this for new businesses?

Results will vary from client to client, depending on their individual circumstances, how much they implement the work and so many more factors. I make no guarantees on results however, upon completion of the program and continual implementation of the strategies we discuss, a reasonable projection is 25% growth in your business within 6-9 months after the program completion.


At the moment, I only work with a maximum of four private coaching clients at any one time. This is because I am running two businesses, and I want to ensure that I am creating enough space in my life to be able to show up and serve my coaching clients well. 


Absolutely! Many of my coaching clients will start in one program and choose to move on to the next program so that we can focus on a different area of need in their business. I also offer a discount if you choose to sign up to the combined program from the start.


I know it can feel scary investing in a coach, particularly if you don't know them all too well.

Trust me, ensuring that we're the right fit for one another is just as important to me as it is to you. Because at the end of the day, I don't want to take your money and work with you if it's not going to be of value to you.

That's why I'd love to offer you a FREE 30 minute discovery call during the application process of Create & Elevate or Purposeful Profit.

Think of it like a first date where we get the chance to suss each other out (not in a creepy way) and get to know one another before any commitment - combined with a GP appointment where you'll tell me all about where your business is at, I'll 'diagnose' the areas you should be focussing on and make a recommendation on which program would be best for you.

After our discovery call/first date/GP appointment, you can either choose to invest in working with me or call it a day - either way, it's cool! We can still be friends.

So, you wanna grab a (virtual) coffee?


So, you wanna grab a (virtual) coffee?