Hey lady, I'm Sarah!

I'm a believer, wife to a pastor, dog mama to two crazy labradoodles, human-mama-to-be, business owner and mentor, floral designer and online educator.

I'm here to encourage and equip you to do life and business with intention.

I'm so glad you found your way to my little corner of the internet!

I help creative women work well, earn well & live well.

I had a dream but felt stuck.

In 2017 I started my first business - a wedding floral design company - Gwen Floral Co.

I had the dream of paying myself a full-time wage (and just an average full-time wage at that!). I didn't realise how challenging that was going to be... I was 12 months into running my business and was struggling to find my dream clients. The very few leads that were coming through were way more concerned about budget than quality, and I was selling myself short in the effort to book anything I could. My dream of earning a full-time income seemed so. far. away.

a bit of my story...

I had a shift when I learned...

I realised that I needed to make some serious changes to attract better clients if this whole business thing was going to be worth it. I made some significant shifts in my business and invested into myself. Within a few months of applying various strategies that I had learned from different coaches, courses, books and Podcasts, I was able to quit my job and book out my calendar with dream clients who were willing to pay what my service was worth!

I was running a busy, successful, profitable business and working full-time hours when I decided that I wanted more space in my life.

So I began scaling back my workload, setting up systems, hiring team members and working intentionally so that I could still make the money I wanted to make - whilst having more time and freedom to life my life. 

Seeing women follow their heart and pursue their passion lights me up. It's on my heart to help you work well, earn well and live well so that you can create a more intentional life and business.

Now my mission is to help women like you do the same.




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My Timeline

where I've been


Newly married and completing a degree, lacking clarity about my future



Struggled to find the right clients and make a decent income with my business


Invested in my own personal development and education and made serious shifts in my business

Made the decision to start my wedding floral business and work a second job to contribute to our household income


Quit my job and went full-time with my business!


Had a fully booked out calendar serving my ideal client and had my highest revenue year even in a global pandemic


Continued my wedding business, mentored other women, started my podcast


I still run my six figure wedding business working ~3 days a week, while mentoring creative women all over the world as they grow their business with intention so they can work well, earn well and live well

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is constantly on repeat in our household


Fun Facts

Fun Facts


We have 2x miniature labradoodles named Judah and Monty

Fun Facts


I'm a Type 9w1 on the Enneagram but people often will assume I'm a Type 3

Fun Facts


I'm naturally a pretty messy person, but I like to think I'm an 'organised mess' (my husband doesn't always agree)

Fun Facts


I'm married to a pastor! My husband, Dave, is the lead pastor at our church

Fun Facts


My musical guilty pleasure is T-Swift. I was an 'original' fan before she actually became cool (Fearless and Speak Now were the dayssss)

Fun Facts


I am hoping to launch my Podcast for creative business women in August!

Fun Facts


I named my floral business after my grandmother, Gwen.

Fun Facts


I'm an introvert but really enjoy spending time with people.

Fun Facts


I pretty much live in my mom jeans (soo much comfier than skinny jeans, am I right?!)

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You bring your crazy creative talent and those big God-dreams. I'll show up with my metaphorical cheerleader pom poms, listening ears and a plan of attack to help you achieve your heart's biggest goals.

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