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book better clients & make more money doing what you love.

I help passionate & creative women start & grow their wedding business with intention, so they can make more money while working less. 

I had a dream to be able to quit my job, work from home and make a living - being my own boss.

But I realised along the way, I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make that happen. In my first year, I made the grand total of $12k. I was so deflated.

I was bending over backwards trying to secure any client that would have me! You know the story - lowering my prices, staying up late, trying to respond to emails in the shortest time humanly possible, putting together detailed proposals before I was paid in the hope they would say 'yes'.

And then I made a change. Well, a few changes. I decided that I wasn't going to be the business owner who sacrificed time and energy just to be underpaid, undervalued and ultimately unhappy.

Before long, I booked out my calendar 12 months in advance, tripled my minimum spend, 5x my income and build a six figure business from my garage.

And guess what? I raised my prices, did less work and booked BETTER clients.

I had a dream to quit my job and make a full-time income doing what I love.

I want to help you do the same.

I built a SIX FIGURE WEDDING business from my garage that allowed me to quit my job, pay myself a full-time income and book out my calendar with dream clients.

And these days, business is a          - and not a burden.

Now, I'm booking weddings clients who already know that I am the supplier for them, and aren't just out to find the cheapest deal.

I'm turning away clients almost daily who I don't feel are the right fit. I'm talking, turning down 25k+ of potential bookings in the space of one month - and I don't feel guilty about that at all.

Now, I no longer need to stress about whether my business will provide enough.

I can take days off without feeling like my business is going to stop growing.

I've created beautiful connections with people within my industry who have become genuine friends (and referral generators - but that's just a bonus).


want to work with a coach that *actually* cares?

You'll get my support with ANYTHING you need help with in your wedding business - making sales, booking dream clients, managing your bookings, creating systems, pursuing profitability.

We'll have 2x 45 minute calls each month, and you'll receive Voxer access for daily conversations and support and accountability.

8 weeks: $2500 full payment / 2x monthly payments of $1300
16 weeks: $4500 full payment / 4x monthly payments of $1200

Pricing in AUD (works out lower for U.S clients!)

let's talk

8 weeks or 16 weeks of 1:1 mentoring for the women who desires ongoing, personalised support

2x spots currently open.

Chat one-on-one with me on a 60 minute Zoom call. Pick my brains and gain clarity around what your next steps should be in your creative pursuit.

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- Carissa A

"after working with Sarah, I gained a new level of confidence in myself AND my service. Sarah made me feel that I was worth more than what I sold myself for."

1:1 coaching is right for you if...

You feel stuck in your business and are lacking clarity on how to move forward

You are ready to up-level and grow your business

You are willing to listen, learn, adapt and apply new strategies

You need 1:1 honest advice on where to focus your attention and efforts

1:1 coaching is NOT right for you if...

You aren't coachable, willing to work, or up for changing

You want to work with someone who is more of a hand holder than a coach

You expect immediate results

...the best thing I could have possibly done in preparing to launch my own floral business. Sarah took the time to get to know me and my business goals... She is kind, encouraging, and I know that I have gained a mentor and supporter going forward.

- evelyn stephan

Sarah is 100% a good investment. She is genuine, kind and really good at what she does... If you want to up your game, definitely hire Sarah! She will teach you all the things marketing, client communications, pricing and systems!

- allison jackson

After listening to her business wisdom I always find such clarity and tangible actions for me to take in order to move my business forward. If someone was thinking of hiring Sarah I’d tell them GO FOR IT - she’s worth every penny!


Sarah made me feel like I was talking to a close friend about my business. She helped me to change my mindset and approach, and her recommendations were clear. She offered great insight into my business to help me take it to the next level.


With the tips and guidance from Sarah I have improved my vision and cleaned up my brand. I'm working on implementing more of the business marketing and managing strategies that we talked about and I am already seeing growth.


Questions & Answers


My background in the wedding industry so naturally I help many wedding professionals and floral designers. Many strategies can be applied to multiple creative businesses. If you're a photographer, maker, designer or other creative service provider feel free to reach out and I'll be honest about whether I think we are the right fit.

One thing I regret not doing in my first year of business, was investing in my own development and education. Sure, you can build your business off freebies and Podcasts, but it takes a whole lot longer to get from A to B when you're sifting through all of the conflicting information out there. There is something powerful in investing intentionally in yourself and having 1:1 support as you navigate the early seasons and create a game plan for your business. A 60 minute strategy session might be all you need, and you can choose to extend our time together to a coaching program afterwards if you think it will be of value to you and your business.

do you provide refunds?

No, I don't provide refunds. 1:1 coaching requires a lot of time, energy and commitment. I believe that if you come into an experience feeling skeptical and negative, then you aren't going to get what you need. However, if you show up with humility and a willingness to learn and apply the strategies we discuss together, the results will come. 

do you provide payment plans?

I understand any kind of investment can be a big decision. During our initial call we'll discuss your situation and I'll do my best to set up a plan that suits your requirements. There is more administration involved in tracking monthly transactions so generally a small extra fee will be spread across the various payments.

how do i know we are the right fit?

Ensuring we are the right fit is just as important to me as it is to you. I have an application process so that I can determine whether I can help you. If you've been scrolling through my website or social media and resonate with my story and personality, I would love to chat. I offer free 30 minute discovery calls for anyone interested in my 90 day coaching programs, so that we can get to know one another. This is a no-obligation call, so if you decide after our call that you don't think we are the best fit, no worries! We can still be friends. :)

is coaching good for new businesses?

Results will vary from client to client, depending on their individual circumstances, how much they implement the work and so many more factors. I make no guarantees on results however, upon completion of the program and continual implementation of the strategies we discuss, a reasonable projection is 25% growth in your business within 6-9 months after the program completion.


At the moment, I only work with a maximum of four private coaching clients at any one time. This is because I am running two businesses, and I want to ensure that I am creating enough space in my life to be able to show up and serve my coaching clients well. 


So, you ready to create a better business?

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Investing in a coach is a big deal. I used to be so afraid of spending money in my business. I would hold onto my business earnings with (metaphorical) clenched fists, stomping my foot and demanding like a toddler 'I can do it on my own!!!' (can you relate?)

...until I realised that I couldn't. I needed an outside perspective if I wanted to grow. I needed someone a bit more experienced that I was to come along side me, challenge me, teach me, and ultimately help me to move the needle forward.

I love to see coaching as an investment. It costs money, but you know what it gets you? Clarity and direction, a stronger brand, a new confidence. And you know what this (usually) translates to? More (and better) clients, more money, more joy, more freedom.

I am currently not offering discovery calls because I am confident in what I can do for my clients. I welcome you to send me a DM if you are considering working with me and I'd be happy to answer any questions. You're also welcome to book a one-off strategy session to see what it's like working with me, and you'll receive $300 off your 8 or 16 week package.

The choice is all yours, my friend.

Still on the fence?
I get it.

...Ready for it?

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