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I'm taking a step back from coaching and releasing consistent content for a little bit, while I learn how to raise a human.

At this stage I hope to be opening up some coaching spots (and maybe some other sneaky projects - we'll see) mid 2023.

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(on maternity leave - ish)

brb, having a baby

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I'm not 100% sure when I will be opening up 1:1 coaching spots, but it will likely be in mid-2023.

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be the first to know when I open up 1:1 mentoring positions.

...the best thing I could have possibly done in preparing to launch my own floral business. Sarah took the time to get to know me and my business goals... She is kind, encouraging, and I know that I have gained a mentor and supporter going forward.

- evelyn stephan

Sarah is 100% a good investment. She is genuine, kind and really good at what she does... If you want to up your game, definitely hire Sarah! She will teach you all the things marketing, client communications, pricing and systems!

- allison jackson

After listening to her business wisdom I always find such clarity and tangible actions for me to take in order to move my business forward. If someone was thinking of hiring Sarah I’d tell them GO FOR IT - she’s worth every penny!


Sarah made me feel like I was talking to a close friend about my business. She helped me to change my mindset and approach, and her recommendations were clear. She offered great insight into my business to help me take it to the next level.


With the tips and guidance from Sarah I have improved my vision and cleaned up my brand. I'm working on implementing more of the business marketing and managing strategies that we talked about and I am already seeing growth.